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Automatic Pillow Type Packing Machine For Sale

Release Date: Feb-11, 2018
We have been recognized by the vast majority of consumers in the packaging industry. Our packaging machine is an intelligent temperature control device.The temperature control is accurate, so that the seal is beautiful and smooth. Other kinds of irregular objects, such as daily necessities, medicines and electronic components, can also be packaged. It can automatically complete the whole process of feeding - Bag - Seal - Seal - print batch number - finished product - counting and so on!

Multi - function pillow packing machine structure features:
1: touch mode man-machine interface control, the parameter setting is convenient and fast, high speed and high efficiency.
2: multi-function pillow packing machine uses photoelectric tracking technology, digital input, sealing cutting position is accurate.
3: fault diagnosis and alarm display.
4: constant temperature adjustable, intelligent control, can adapt to all kinds of packaging materials.
5: multi-function pillow packing machine adopts double frequency control, the bag length is set or cut, one step is in place, and the film is saved.
Application Scope of pillow type packing machine:
1: Food: biscuits, cakes, chocolate pie, instant noodles, candy, ice cream ect.
2: Hardware: hinges, slide, hinge, handle, bearing, coil, iron, steel
3: daily use categories: disposable supplies, wet towels, diapers, toys, combs, toothbrushes, boxes ect.
4: medical supplies: medicines, capsules, eyedrops, masks, disposable syringes, gauze ect.
5: Electrical batch type: socket, switch, data line ect.
6: fruits and vegetables: lemon, green vegetables, cucumber, mushroom, tomato, orange ect.

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