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Internet + Consumption Upgrade! Baking Market Ushered In Investment Boom

Release Date: Feb-15, 2022

Formats With Scene Experience Attributes

At present, the entire baking industry is moving towards a large-scale consumption upgrade, and new consumer brands with space sales as the core of the new retail format have great investment opportunities. Bakery products have spatial social attributes, which fully satisfy today's female users' pursuit of a comfortable life, independence and sharing. They have basically completed the category education for users, which is far more broad-spectrum than the current hot coffee market.
Therefore, investors should focus on research on space innovation with design styles, fashion elements and other scenarios, and then combine with roasting + coffee to reconstruct the entire chain of roasting service and scene experience, thereby creating a better than single coffee or It is a new business chain brand with more efficient single baking.
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3rd And 4th Tier Cities With Internet As The Core Of Bakery Industry Entrepreneurial Opportunities

First of all, cost control in second- and third-tier cities is easier. At the same time, the industrial environment, talent elements, and business environment of these cities are improving. Moreover, these market conditions are more relaxed than those in first- and second-tier cities. The disposable income of local users is not low, and there is no need to spend a lot of costs on buying and renting houses like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Instead, they have more room for control.
Consumption upgrade is not only the upgrade of brands in first-tier cities, but there are also a lot of upgrade opportunities in western and second- and third-tier cities. At this time, if the first-tier cities are not the main battlefield, but the bakery brands in the third- and fourth-tier cities are the first to deploy, there is also a very large investment. Chance. Among these regional cities, the brand growth rate and strength are the fastest and the best, which means that these places may become the main driving cities in the future of new consumption and new retail entrepreneurship, which is also the best entrepreneurial opportunity for entrepreneurs.

Deeply Cultivating Segmented Vertical Personalized Products For Different Consumer Groups

Now the new generation of 90 and 00 users have grown up with very high requirements for health and fitness. Therefore, in the minds of consumers who are pursuing fat reduction and muscle growth, low-fat content has become the primary choice for food consumption, and freshness requirements are also consumed. The upgrade has become the mainstream of baked goods.
At the same time, as bakery products have become more and more mainstream snacks, they have become an important supplementary element for many workplace elites in addition to meals. Therefore, in addition to meeting basic needs, these products also need to have social attributes, that is, the attributes of showing off and making friends on the Internet. Therefore, the product itself has beauty, beauty, and social dissemination, and has become a major entrepreneurial direction for entrepreneurs.

Experiential and Participatory Baking Tutorials

Because the bakery industry has the attributes of hands-on, creation and creativity, in addition to the original functions of snacks and leisure food, more and more young people begin to regard baked goods as a DIY product, and gain fun through a sense of participation. This has also become the choice of a new generation of young users, and also provides an entrepreneurial entry for the customization of bakery products.
At the same time, with the upgrading of the entire baking industry, the training personnel of this vertical industry also need to be upgraded, and the training services centered on baking will also contain opportunities. Under the consumption upgrade, the baking industry is becoming more and more trending towards the army of staple foods. In the future, the high-end dessert baking market will also have a training market focusing on the research and development and teaching of new technologies in various sub-sectors of baking. Therefore, being a transmitter is also a good opportunity.

Intelligent Baking Hardware, Oven, Etc.

In the era of Internet technology upgrading, innovation of scientific and technological products is essential. On the one hand, improving production through technology can reduce production costs, reduce production processes and shorten production time, and can also maximize food safety and improve production efficiency. Not only that, the smart baking oven can also be connected to the c-side, connecting the community operation of baking content and the function of controlling the smart oven "one-click baking", and truly forming a way for baking enthusiasts, professionals and Xiaobai to communicate and discuss together community.

Baking Supply Chain Integration

At present, bakery brand products are based on the basic requirement of freshness that does not stay overnight. In order to ensure the reputation of freshness produced on the same day, greater requirements are put forward for the inventory management and supply chain management of enterprises. On the other hand, since some baking ingredients need to be imported from overseas, and the trade in the middle is very opaque, using the Internet to disintermediate, it is possible to directly supply some overseas baking ingredients for small shops.
How to find a balance in the middle, and at the same time, the optimization and transformation of products with high appearance and good taste is very likely to become a great entrepreneurial opportunity for the baking industry.
From the above analysis, although the concentration of the domestic baking industry is relatively low, with the improvement of economic level, consumption upgrade and the trend of making bread and pastry meals, the industry will accelerate the integration under the blessing of the Internet in the future, ushering in a new entrepreneurial climax .
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