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The nut roasting and flavoring production line is suitable for a variety of nut materials, such as peanuts, cashews, almonds, etc.

One of the most common roasting seasoning process: material (cashew nut, peanut, almond)- color sorting - roasting - seasoning - cooling - packaging.

Nut category materials, such as cashew nuts, peanuts, almonds, etc., which are rich in protein and oil. In the natural state, nuts themselves have a light fragrance and different materials take on their own unique fragrance. When roasted, the protein and sugar in nuts undergo Maillard Reactions at higher temperatures, resulting in a pleasant flavor and color that makes them more popular with the public than their natural counterparts.

The unique aroma formed after roasting is supplemented by the adjustment of taste to meet the needs of people with different tastes.The same roasting nut can achieve different seasoning effects through different seasoning processes, such as spicy, salt, cumin, mustard and so on.After roasting and seasoning nuts, have good taste, suitable for the public consumption needs.

Value Advantages
Energy Saving
The total installed power of this production line is 47KW, and it needs to be equipped with conventional three-phase power supply and natural gas pipelines. The electricity and energy consumption generated in the actual use process are less than traditional processing methods, and the pollution is less.
Cost Saving
The equipment used in traditional processing plants requires more than a hundred people to work at the same time, while GELGOOG nuts processing solutions only need a dozen labors, which can save labor costs.
High Automation
This solution can realize the whole process of the product starting from feeding, going through a series of production activities such as washing, baking, seasoning, peeling, and packaging into finished products. The whole process is seamless, and unnecessary pollution caused by human intervention in the production process can be avoided.
Excellent Product
The nuts roasting equipment used in the solution uses hot air as the medium, which not only heats up quickly, but also adopts an automatic temperature control device to set the temperature according to the material to achieve constant temperature baking. The temperature is adjustable from 0 to 300 ℃, which ensures the taste after roasting.
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