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A Complete Line of Banana Chips Plant

Release Date: Oct-09, 2017
A automatic complete banana chips processing plant line consisit banana chips slice cutting machine,blanching machine,dewater machine,fryer machine,deoiling machine,flavoring machine and packing machine.

1),Banana/Plantain slicer:Easy operation,substantial output,Cut out the slice thickness uniformity,smooth surface,any adjustment,without broken.
2),Blanching machine:Cutting the banana/plantain chips to rinse,secure colour.
3),De-watering machine:Working with centrifugal dehydration.It could possibly significantly shorten the cooking time, Improve the banana/plantain chips taste.Strengthen manufacturing efficiency,lessen manufacturing value.
4),Fryer:This gear could be the most state-of-the-art frying products.On the basis of different proportion of water and oil,water beneath,Inside the upper heating oil frying banana/plantain slices, residue direct precipitation during the water,oil won't smoke.the usage of the extended the oil cycle, bring down the price.The oil temperature handle precision, That guarantee the top quality on the banana/plantain chips and taste.Immediately after functioning,the water out,residue may even movement out collectively.
5),De-oiling machine:Centrifugal de-oiling machine, fried banana/plantain chips to oil getting rid of, overcome the banana/plantain chips with large oil content material,the defect of greasy.
Boost the taste in the banana/plantain chips.
6),Flavoring machine:Drum flavoring machine adopts stainless steel. Banana/plantain chips even flip inside the rotation of the drum.Adopt sprinkle or spray to put spices.Seasoning evenly not quickly broken
7),Packing machine:Filling some nitrogen in bags when packing,avoid banana/plantain chips broken,extend ensure time period.Inflate,packaging and code.
complete banana chips processing line
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