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Denmark Customer Visit for Cellophane Overwrapping Machine

Release Date: Sep-30, 2017
Our the denmark customer for cellophane overwrapping machine .For the part of the user packaging bulk items such as: bulk poker, sand Qi Ma, newspaper posted, note paper, wafer biscuits.The cellophane wrapping  machine structure is reasonable, nice, stable and easy to adjust.

Denmark customer visit for cellophane wrapping machine

We have introduced the latest international certificate concept and advanced technology, the development of more sophisticated technology and equipment to meet the different requirements of users. Committed to providing customers with tailor-made equipment, starting from the customer's needs to explore new ideas, guide research and observation updates, to participate in product design. To more than a senior engineer as the core of the engineering design team. Based on the company's existing core and key technologies, from production planning to operation and commissioning, from maintenance and repair to product technology upgrading, from individual to individual problems to the whole line of equipment, providing quality, advanced technology, personalized packaging Equipment and automatic packaging production line.
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