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Chocolate Making Machine Video

Release Date: Aug-14, 2018
Chocolate is a very popular sweet, the chocolate we eat in our daily life is mainly made by the chocolate making machine, then do you know how does the chocolate making machine work? In order to let customers have a better understanding of our chocolate making machine, today I would like to introduce the chocolate making machine by video and some necessary words description.
Chocolate Making Machine Video

This is the video about the chocolate making machine.

Our chocolate making machine mainly consists of chocolate fat melting machine,sugar grinding machine, chocolate conche machine, chocolate storage tank, chocolate temperature machine, chocolate moulding machine and chocolate cooling tunnel. And the all of the machines can be operated fully automatically.

Next I want to have a introduction about the features of the chocolate making machine.

1.The chocolate fat melting machine has the advantages of stability, effectiveness and reliable quality.

2.The sugar grinding machine is made of stainless steel, and the inner surface of the machine is smooth, which changes the phenomenon of rough inner wall and accumulation of powder in the past.

3.The chocolate conche machine uses high quality alloy steel and acid-resistant stainless steel on the food contact point and housing. This is a multifunctional machine with functions of grinding, deodorization, dehydration, dilution and emulsification. It is an ideal equipment for chocolate production.

4.The chocolate storage tank has water interlayer heating equipment, which can be used for external heating and heat preservation.

5.The chocolate temperature machine is made of high-quality components, stable in structure, safe and environmentally friendly, and fully meets international standards. The machine can also be customized according to customer requirements.

6.The chocolate moulding machine has many different specifications to make different kinds and taste of chocolate. Customers can choose the best one according to their own requirements.

7.The chocolate cooling tunnel has good quality and high efficiency. The chocolate after pouring the mold can be finally formed in the chocolate cooling tunnel for 15 to 45 minutes.

Now I believe that you have known a lot about our chocolate making machine. At the same time, there are many corollary equipment equipped with the chocolate making machine including chocolate delivery pump, pipeline and mould. In addition to the above machines, our company also has many other chocolate machines, such as chocolate packaging machine, chocolate coating machine and so on.

If you have interested in our chocolate making machine, you can ask me for more information about the chocolate making machine.
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