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Automatic Chocolate Making Machine Manufacturer Price India

Release Date: Aug-14, 2018
Automatic Chocolate Making Machine Manufacturer Price India
Recently, many guests from India asked me about the automatic chocolate making machine price in India. As a professional chocolate making machine manufacturers in India, today I would like to share you with the automatic chocolate making machine price in India.
 Automatic Chocolate Making Machine Manufacturer Price India
Our company has a complete set of chocolate making machine. The chocolate making machine contains chocolate fat melting machine,sugar grinding machine, chocolate conche machine, chocolate storage tank, chocolate temperature machine, chocolate moulding machine and chocolate cooling tunnel. Next let me introduce you the machines in detail.
1. Chocolate fat melting machine
The chocolate fat melting machine is used to melt the solid cocoa butter or cocoa mass into liquid.The chocolate fat melting machine adopts electric heating and automatic temperature control, and can also be equipped with a chocolate delivery pump, which can directly transfer the melted material to the chocolate conche machine.
2. Sugar grinding machine
The sugar grinding machine is mainly used to grind sugar of different fineness into a certain fineness powder. The sugar grinding machine can crush the sugar through the impact, shear, friction between the moving disc and the fixed disc by the high speed relative motion between the disc and the fixed disc. When the machine is working, there is no dust produced.
3. Chocolate conche machine
The chocolate conche machine is used for fine grinding the sugar and cocoa paste to make them fully emulsified and fused. At the same time, the chocolate conche   can reduce the fineness of the chocolate paste through continuous grinding, thus satisfying the production of chocolate.
4. Chocolate storage tank
The chocolate storage tank is mainly used for storing the chocolate paste after fine grinding. The chocolate storage tank can make the chocolate paste at a certain temperature. At the same time, the chocolate storage tank can stir the chocolate constantly in order to remove the moisture in the chocolate paste, so the chocolate can taste more smooth.
5. Chocolate temperature machine
The chocolate temperature machine is used for adjusting the temperate of chocolate paste so that they can maintain stable chocolate paste crystals to meet the standards of chocolate. There are two types of chocolate temperate machine including continuous chocolate temperate machine and intermittent chocolate temperate machine.
6. Chocolate moulding machine
The chocolate moulding machine is mainly used to shape the chocolate into all kinds of shapes by changing the mould. Therefore, there are many kinds of chocolate moulding machine, such as single head chocolate depositing machine, two heads chocolate depositing machine, chocolate chip depositing machine and so on.
7. Chocolate cooling tunnel
The chocolate cooling tunnel is used to cool the chocolate after moulding and depositing. There are two types of chocolate cooling tunnel including horizontal moving type chocolate cooling tunnel and hanging basket type chocolate cooling tunnel.
There are all mainly machine to process chocolate. And as manufacturer, we can also provide all kinds of corollary equipment such as pipeline and mould. And all the machine can be customized according to the needs of customer. And we will sell the machine at the most reasonable price.
We are looking forward to cooperating with Indian customers!
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