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Potato Chips Packaging Machine Design

Release Date: Jan-11, 2023
The common potato chips on the market are mainly divided into two categories. One is raw-cut potato chips. As the name suggests, it is potato chips processed directly from fresh potatoes. It tastes crispy and has the original flavor of potatoes. It is currently the best-selling variety. , mostly in bags; the other is composite potato chips, which are potato chips fried with potato flour, flour and other mixed materials, usually in barrels. After eating potato chips for so many years, do you know how potato chips are packaged? Have you ever seen a potato chip packaging machine? Today, the editor will take the original cut potato chips as an example to introduce the potato chip packaging machine.
packing potato chips

1. Potato Chips Packaging

Potato chips and puffed food packaging materials are mostly made of aluminum-plated composite film, which has good heat sealing performance, oxygen resistance, and light shading. The shelf life can reach more than one year. If the method of nitrogen filling is used, it can also achieve a longer shelf life; modified atmosphere packaging , has the advantages of air tightness, shading, oil resistance and so on.

2. Potato Chips Packaging Machine

At present, the most commonly used potato chip packaging machines are generally multi-head weighing packaging machines. Potato chips that have been fried, deoiled, cooled and seasoned are put into the Z-shaped elevator’s feed bin, and as the belt advances, the potato chips are lifted by the Z-shaped elevator’s hopper and sent to the multi-head weigher from the outlet for packaging. Machine, according to the preset packaging type, the multi-head weighing packaging machine completes the weighing of potato chips one by one, and sends them to the packaging link. The potato chips are put into the packaging bag, and the work of metal detection and coding is completed accordingly. The conveyor belt outputs the packaged potato chips.
The weighing standard of the potato chip packaging machine, the whole packaging process is smooth and automatic, and the processes of lifting, weighing, packaging, metal detection, coding, and conveying are completed in one go.
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