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How to Maintain the Cone Equipment?

Release Date: Jan-28, 2023
Believe that everyone likes to eat ice cream cones, and ice cream cones become one of the best-selling categories every year during peak ice cream seasons. Not only that, ice cream cones also have good sales in winter. It can be said that ice cream cones are the originator of the combination of baking and ice cream. At present, the large-scale automatic production of cones needs to rely on cone equipment. Next, let's talk about how to maintain the ice cone machine.
Maintenance Method of Ice Cream Cone Machine:
1. Clean the surrounding sanitation of the equipment and keep the surrounding environment clean.
2. Wipe the moving parts of the equipment with diesel oil.
3. Check the equipment, whether the proximity switch, sensor ruler, sensor, etc. are in good condition;
4. Tighten loose parts;
5. Organize the site, and place items and tools according to the site layout plan.
6. Check whether the fasteners of the equipment are loose and fastened.
ice cream cone making machine maintenance
Operation Method of Ice Cone Machine:
1. The cone equipment should have a reliable grounding wire to avoid electric shock.
2. The working temperature of the egg cone equipment is about 180-220°C. The operator should wear gloves and avoid touching the mold to avoid burns. The baking temperature and time should be determined according to the product.
3. After the initial wiring and power on, you should check whether the body shell is leaking. If you find a leak, you should check the power supply immediately, and then start working after troubleshooting.
4. After working every day, unplug the power supply, clean the upper and lower molds in time, and keep them clean.
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