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4 Package Ways For Tomtao Paste

Release Date: Dec-21, 2022
Tomatoes are sweet and sour, delicious and nutritious. Processing them into tomato sauce can preserve the fresh taste of tomatoes. In recent years, exchanges in the catering industry have broken through the restrictions of regions and countries, making ketchup, a Western-style sauce, more and more popular. The sweet and sour taste is no longer limited to use with French fries. People have creatively used tomato sauce to create sweet and sour tomato sauce dishes, which enrich the taste. Most of the ketchup we see every day is processed by ketchup production line equipment, so what kind of finished product can the ketchup processed by ketchup production line equipment be packaged into?
packing tomato sauce types

1. Big Barrel

Large barrels are suitable for foreign trade export and logistics transportation of semi-finished products. Large barrels can reduce transportation costs and are suitable for bulk purchases or deep processing of tomato paste, such as processing into tomato sauce.

2, Bagged

Bags are generally packaged with Tetra Pak. It is aseptically packaged in a sachet. It is safe, non-toxic, odorless, tough material, and has a certain waterproof effect. It can effectively prevent the pollution of tomato paste by oxygen, moisture and light. In addition to the excellent airtightness of the bag, the small shape is also light and easy to carry.

3. Bottled

Bottled is common plastic bottle. The light-shielding properties of plastic bottles are relatively good, which can prevent the ketchup from being oxidized and deteriorated when exposed to light. In addition, the good anti-permeability can play a certain moisture-proof effect. However, the heat resistance of plastic materials is relatively poor, and the materials are unstable in high temperature environments, easily deformed or aged, and cannot be placed in direct sunlight for too long. Plastic bottles are unstable when exposed to heat, so it is best to store them at low temperature.

4. Canning

Canning is common in glass jars. The glass making process does not contain organic chemicals, making the material safer. In addition, the barrier performance is good, which can prevent the inflow of outside air, prevent food from deteriorating when exposed to oxygen, and maintain the mellow and rich taste of tomato sauce. In addition, the clean and transparent shape of the glass can also facilitate the observation of the state of the food inside, such as whether it has changed color. But the glass is easy to break, and the light transmittance is relatively high. The tomato sauce inside is easy to oxidize when exposed to light, so it needs to be stored away from light.
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