Automatic Pellt Chips Frying Machine|Pellet Fryer For Snack Food and Potato Chips

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we have two type frying machine for choice, continuous frying machine and round pan frying machine with automatic discharging.
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Automatic Pellt Chips Frying Machine|Pellet Fryer For Snack Food and Potato Chips For peelt fryer machine, we have two type frying machine for choice, continuous frying machine and  round pan frying machine with automatic discharging.

Continuous frying machine
This automatic continuous fryer is equipped with automatic lifting system, automatic oil removal system, automatic conveying and cooling system. The machine can automatically finish frying, mixing, deoiling and conveying. The heating mode of the fryer can be powered by electricity, gas and firewood. This machine can be widely used in the frying of snacks, granules, chips, sticks, beans, nuts, peanuts and so on.automatic pellet chips continuous frying machine
1: the structure of the fryer is compact, lifting, deoiling, transporting and cooling.
2: the use of PLC control to achieve full automatic work.
3: imported gas, the diesel burner ensures the best power consumption and higher efficiency.
4: manual and automatic control mode, flexible operation
5: double 304/316 stainless steel belt to prevent the product floating, to ensure complete, perfect frying effect.
6: the scraper is fixed on the belt so that the product can be easily removed.

Round pan fryer with automatic discharging.
1. the main body of the machine is SUS304 stainless steel.
2. a mixed mode of rotation and rotation to ensure the uniform frying of food. In the case of food bonding, the mixing system makes frequency conversion because of extrusion.
3. automatic unloading system can reduce the labor intensity of the workers, ensure the consistency of the food during the frying time, and improve the quality of the products.
Note: the special size can be produced according to the customer's demand.
round pan fryer with automatic discharging4. machine can be made into gas heating and electric heating. For gas heating, it is necessary to add burners and gas pipes. Therefore, the cost and size of the gas model will be greater.
5, mixing function can help you stir the frying material well, especially vegetables, fruit slices and other floating materials. The agitator can be pressed into the oil through the rotation of the axle and the flap valve, so as to save labor and beautiful fried food. The agitator can be rotated around the pot.
6, the discharge part is designed to be slot type to help the material to deliver the material smoothly and correctly.
7, the operation button, we will put it in your language, convenient operation.
8, if the fryer is made into a gas heating type. The burner adopts the Italy brand, and each part is important for the whole machine.

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Technical Data

name Model Heating Type Rated Power Overall Dimension Production Capacity
(kw) (kg/h)
Continuous frying machine GG-3000 Electric/Gas/Diesel 90-120kw 3500*800*2400mm 100-300
GGF-3500 Electric/Gas/Diesel 120KW 3500*1200*2400mm 300KG/h
GG-4500 Electric/Gas/Diesel 90-120 5000*1000*200mm 200-500
GG-6000 Electric/Gas/Diesel 150-240 6500*1200*2000mm 500-1000
Round pan fryer GG-1000 Electric 36kw 1300*1400*1800mm 100-150kg/hour
GG-1200 Electric 48kw 1400*1400*1100mm 150-200kg/hour
GG-1500 Electric 60kw 1700*1700*1100mm 200-300kg/hour
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