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Fried Food Deoiling Machine For Sale

Release Date: Feb-09, 2018
The greatest advantage of the oil removing machine from food is save and labor.Our company has produced a  fried food deoiling machine. It is convenient to use, the efficiency of this fried nuts food is dozens times of men efficiency.

The fried nuts oil removing machine is a professional deoil equipment for nuts and puffed foods, such as broad beans, peanuts, green beans and so on.
fried food deoiling machine
Introduction of this high efficiency fried nuts oil removing machine:
1.The material of oil removing machine is made of 304 stainless steel.
2.The fried nuts oil removing machine has a shock mitigation system, which is more stable in the process of de-oiling,This machine used automatic brake system,digital display system, automatic control system.
3.The high efficiency fried nuts oil removing machine of food is conveyed by conveyor belt, which can be promoted to the next process.

The fried food oil removing machine working principle:
This equipment adopts the low speed rotation deoiling tube, the upper uniform feeding, make things even load within the oil cylinder, and then by invert automatic control, take off the oil cylinder speed, gradual growth speed to work, with the oil of objects by the high speed centrifugal, through a porous deoiling cylinder wall will objects separated from the oil, after the separation, the oil was dumped outside cylinder after collection by the oil outlet to the oil pan, complete object deoiling process, the body suspension in made up of four groups of compression spring anti-vibration device.
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