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Gelgoog Joins Hands with Zambia to Open the Automatic Production Mode of Peanut Butter

Release Date: Nov-19, 2022
Zambia, which has Victoria Falls and 19 safari parks, has spectacular scenery and abundant rainfall. It has a large planting area of ​​cash crops such as peanuts, cassava, and corn. It is not only self-sufficient but also partially exported. contacts. As a trusted food industry digital solution provider,
Gelgoog has cooperated in a number of fruit and vegetable processing, nuts, food packaging and other projects in Zambia.

Zambia Ms company is located in the capital Lusaka, mainly engaged in electronic products. In order to expand its business, Ms company locked in the peanut butter processing business which is currently very popular in China. As it is new to the food processing industry, Ms company conducted a detailed inspection of the local peanut butter industry in the early stage. At present, most of the local peanut butter in Zambia is processed by hand workshops, and the traditional baking method is mostly manual.
peanut butter business zambia
 Ms company is committed to adopting a brand-new automatic production line processing method and adopting brand-new packaging to establish a good brand image. Through many visits and investigations, Ms has frequently heard the name "Gelgoog" that has been praised by many food industry companies, and has a preliminary favorable impression.

In the early stage of communication with Gelgoog, Ms company only proposed the idea of ​​the peanut butter project, but was at a loss as to the specific implementation. Based on limited information, Gelgoog provides a series of professional services such as plant planning, equipment selection, and solution customization. And according to the customer's hesitant multiple plans to compare carefully, through the data and the results of the previous test machine, video, in-depth and simple analysis, and correct the experimental results of the peanut butter production line, so that the customer has a better understanding of the automated production line In-depth understanding.

At present, under the detailed guidance of Gelgoog, Ms company has successfully completed the test machine work before putting into production, and is about to start a new automatic production process of peanut butter.

"The automated peanut butter production line customized by Gelgoog runs smoothly, and the processed peanut butter is mellow and delicate. It only needs a few employees to produce it, which is exactly in line with our original expectation. It's just a bit regretful now that we didn't invest in a production line with a larger output. , Fortunately, I believe that we will be able to cooperate again soon.”
——CEO of Zambia Ms Company
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