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Delivery of Vietnamese Chili Sauce Project

Release Date: Feb-08, 2024

On February 1st, the delivery initiation ceremony for Gelgoog's construction of the Vietnamese chili sauce project was successfully held, marking the entry of this significant project into a new phase. Prior to this, the company's installation and delivery team meticulously planned and closely coordinated to ensure the smooth progress of all preparatory work. They not only conducted accurate and detailed on-site information verification but also engaged in in-depth communication with the clients, disclosing meticulous installation plans to them. Through professional guidance, they assisted the clients in the smooth unloading and placement of equipment, showcasing not only Gelgoog's consistent service standards but also directly saving clients a significant amount of expenses on engineering vehicle rentals.
Delivery of Vietnamese Chili Sauce Project

While ensuring the safe entry and positioning of equipment, the team also systematically organized all installation materials to ensure the efficient progress of the construction process. Especially during the Lunar New Year period when there were relatively fewer staff, the team completed site planning layout and material reserves in advance, including emergency items such as medicines, to ensure the smooth progress of the entire delivery process. From today onwards, the project will officially enter the wiring construction phase.

Despite the considerable distance between Vietnam and our country, this did not hinder the project's advancement. The atmosphere of the Lunar New Year envelops the entire country, with clients racing against time, and we need to be one step ahead of them. Therefore, we always adhere to the service philosophy of "ensuring customer satisfaction with delivery" and consistently prioritize customer needs. Wherever and whenever, we will support our clients with practical actions to ensure that the project is implemented steadily according to the scheduled plan.

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