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US Pomegranate Project Delivered, Celebrated with Champagne

Release Date: Mar-14, 2024
The successful delivery of the US pomegranate seed project was celebrated with champagne on-site by the client.
Under the watchful eyes of leadership, the project team worked tirelessly day and night, culminating in the completion of the US pomegranate seed project on March 12th. On the day of delivery, the client joyfully celebrated this milestone moment with champagne on-site, expressing heartfelt thanks and praise to the company's delivery team for their professionalism and unwavering efforts.
In the early hours of March 13th, following the successful delivery, the company's delivery team wasted no time in setting off for Panama to embark on a new mission — the commissioning of the multi-column packaging machine project. This marks the beginning of a new chapter in the company's service footprint in the Americas. They will uphold strict discipline, adhere to consistent efficiency and professionalism, ensuring the timely commissioning of the US spring roll production line in April and the successful delivery of the Canadian malted barley frozen line in May. They will bring the most comprehensive technical support and professional installation and commissioning guidance to partners around the world.
We deeply understand that each arrival and departure is a vivid interpretation of "professionalism and trustworthiness"; each installation and commissioning creates a worry-free experience for customers. Regardless of the changes in time and space, ensuring delivery satisfaction remains the driving force behind our firm progress. We are on the road, never stopping!
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