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How to Process French Fries Commercial?

Release Date: Dec-07, 2017
French Fries is popularity over the world. How to Process French Fries Commercial ? Washing,peeling,dewater,frying-deoiling and packing .There are more details as following.

First, potatoes will be peeled and washed as raw material.
The cleaned potato is delivered to a steam peeler or a mechanical peeler to peel. And then into the second washing machine, the residue paste in the potato surface of the potato skin washed away. After the cleaning of the potato, was transported to the test table, to achieve manual sorting and finishing tare after the potato.
The belt conveyor feeds the peeled potatoes into the slicer. Potatoes are cut into thin slices. And wash the free starch with water.
After the cleaning of the potato chips were sent to the boiled machine for hot, from the cleaning and blanching out of the potato chips carrying a lot of attached water. Separate the individual potato chips with a vibrating screen with strong winds and dry the attached water. And then transported to the frying machine, the water content of potato chips from 80% to 2%, get crisp products. The oil content of the finished product of fried crisp is between 30% and 40%. The fried potato chips are transported to the drain oil conveyor and the oil remaining on the surface of the product is drained. The fried potato chips are transported to the drum seasoning machine to taste the potato chips, depending on the product to add a different seasoning. And then the seasoning of potato chips transported to the packaging workshop, the product packaging into the required size and shape.

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