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Complete Line of Plantain Chips Production Process

Release Date: Dec-20, 2017
The complete line of plantain chips production process  is high automatic, and saving labor with low consumpation. It is great helper for plantain chips business. We have different capacity for customers such as 50kg/h,300kg/h,500kg/h,1000kg/h and  others.About the heating way and others,we can customer-made for you.

These are machines of our plantain chips processing line:
1. bananas slicer cutting machine:The slice cutter machine used for cutting bananas into slice. The banana slice machine is very flexible, and the thickness of the slice can be adjusted at will.
2. banana washing and slice blanching machine: in order to clean the starch on the surface of the banana slices, the banana slices can separate each other. The function of the banana slice blanching machine is to sterilize and disinfect the banana slices to ensure the bright and crisp degree of the banana slices.
Banana slice
3.Plantain chips dewater machine: The dewater machine take uses the centrifuge principle, which efficient dehydration of banana slices. This step is to prepare the frying part, it shorten the frying time, and make the banana / plantain pieces taste perfect.
4:Plantain chips fryer machine: oil and water mixing technology is used in the fryer, and the sediment can be cleaned easily. Also, please note that the fried oil should be pure edible oil at a temperature of 180 degrees C.
5.Fried plantain chips deoiling machine: reducing the oil content to make it more delicious.
6. Fried plantain chips flavoring seasoning machine: This machine is designed to put the banana / plantain chips evenly seasoning, to make it more delicious.
8.Plantain chips packing machine: vacuum packaging machine is suitable for large-scale packaging food, improve the packaging efficiency and save a lot of time. As fried potato chips are fragile, nitrogen must keep food fresh, tasty and free of damage.

complete line of plantain chips production process
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