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Plantain Chips Mariquitas Production Line Shipped to Cuba

Release Date: Dec-23, 2019
Our plantain chips production line shipped to Cuba.Plantain chipa is aslo called banana chips. In the Cuba, people also call it mariquitas. They are sliced thinly, and fried in oil until golden colored. In the plantain chips production line, we provide our cuba customer with Plantain Slicer,Blanching Machine,De-watering Machine,Electric Fryer Machine,De-Oiling Machine,Air Cooling Machine,Flavoring Machine,Plantain Chips Packing Machine according customer demands.

Our the plantain chips production line can be made and provide according your own demands,such as the heating way,the kilogram one hour process. All of them can be customered. if also need the plantain chips production line,banana chips machine, you can email me freely, or chat online with our customer service freely.

plantain chips production line shipped to Cuba
mariquitas making machine cuba|banana chisp production line

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