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Pizza Cone Machine Supplier

Release Date: Feb-26, 2018
We as one of pizza cone machine suppliers,not only provide pizza cone machine,but also  pizza cone oven,and pizza showcase.

Pizza cone machine has a food-grade tube mold, insulating material can prevent mold cone, to ensure that the shape of the pizza cute.According to different drum structure, automatic operation of different formulations, adjust the temperature on the mold, a can produce four cones. At the same time, the machine is equipped with automatic alarm device, quality and stability.

Rotary pizza oven  is used to bake pizza. Turn the oven to heat the pizza evenly and evenly. Before baking, corn, meat, cucumbers, tomatoes, bacon, sausages and other ingredients are placed in a cooked pizza bowl coated with a thick cheese scent.
Rotary pizza oven, using hot roasted, energy saving, long service life.During the baking process, heat can penetrate into the inside of the food, just a few minutes, you can make pizza, baked 12 pizza, fresh and delicious, delicious.

pizza cone machine supplier
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