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Biscuits Flow Wrapping Machine Bangladesh

Release Date: Mar-01, 2018
Customer got your information by web search and we are interested in your products.There are Two different dimension biscuits we made. One, Four Angle type biscuits dimension is as below,
Length = 60 to 120 mm
Width =  30 to 60 mm
Thickness = 12 to 20 mm

Another Circular type biscuit and it’s diameter is within 40 to 100 mm and thickness is 12 to 20 mm.

For this size biscuits we need an Automatic Packing machine. Packing material would be food grade Polythene film Or as per your suggestion. We want to pack the biscuits 2 Pcs , 4 Pcs Or, 6 pcs in one pack this dimension biscuits. Packing speed can be 80 Pcs/minute Or more.
biscuits packing machine with high quality
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