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Automatic Frying Peanut Machine Sold to India

Release Date: May-31, 2018
Congradulation, our peanut frying machine sold to india. Our the india customer want start fried peanut business. After get customer detail reuqirement suas as capacity,heating way ect,our professional salesman have provide suitable peanut frying solution according his requirements. Contact us freely if you need peanut frying machine price.Email: gz@gelgoog.com.cn

Our frying machine with assembly operations, automated operation and can save a lot of human resources, to minimize the production costs of products, according to the size of customer production.

The nut frying production line from the hot stains, peeling and frying, de-oiling, spices composed of two parts. Which can be frying machine into the frying pan from the regular frying, raising the pot of oil, to improve the oil into the deaerator to the oil out to the gas synthesis. Temperature, frying time, oil removal time all by the PC automatic control; frying effect is stable and uniform, and can effectively control the food oil content. But also makes fried color, fragrant, taste and taste.

Automatic Frying Peanut Machine Sold to IndiaProcess of automatic peanut frying machine: raw material commissioning - soaking - peeling - picking - drying - frying - de-oiling - spices - cooling - packaging
Peanut automatic frying production line of the main equipment: hoist, hot machine, peeling machine, picking belt, dry belt, frying machine, oil separator, spices machine.
Lifting machine: transport the material to the hot plate machine.
Hot wash machine: the material for cooking, in order to facilitate the late peeling.
Peeling machine: specifically used to take peanuts, broad bean skin, peeling rate is high, peeling at the same time automatic separation of peel, to ensure the quality of the material after peeling.
Pick the belt: pick out the substandard material and the material residue.
Drying: cooling material.
Frying peanut machine: the material for frying, contact material part of the 304 material, with automatic temperature control device, automatic discharge, with automatic feeding and automatic mixing function.
Disinfectant: the fried material into the dehumidification cage. Through the rotation of the centrifugal force, the product on the excess oil removed.
Mixing machine: the use of stainless steel spiral device, the various materials after mixing, the use of motor reversal of the way, the material spin out. Contact the material part of the stainless steel to ensure the cleanliness of the material. The equipment can be tailored to customer needs.

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