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How to Buy Namkeen Frying Machine ?

Release Date: Jun-01, 2018
When want start fried namkeen business,one type high quality frying machine is indispensible. Nowadays there are many types continuous fried food frying machine on for choice.But how to buy namkeen frying machine ? Now we will to do some classification:
How to Buy Namkeen Frying Machine ?

First, according to the heating method:
The frying machine can be divided into electric heating frying machine (fried single machine, fried line), (split type) coal-fired frying machine (stand-alone, assembly line), gas heating frying machine (stand-alone,
Second, according to the degree of automation points: can be divided into automatic frying machine lines, semi-automatic frying machine

Third, from the production points: fried single and continuous fried production lines.
Our the food frying machine temperature is self -control. According to the different snack food raw material to set the temperature .the frying time is adjustable according to the requirements of the snack food we need to fry.
How to Buy Namkeen Frying Machine ?Our the type continue snack food frying machine have unique frying raw material delivery system, slagging system, oil circulation System, smoke system, electronic control system and other components. Using the belt conveyor products frequency or stepless speed regulation. Widely used in meat products, meat, fried chicken wings, rice crust, aquatic products, vegetables, pasta and other fried food processing.

We can according to the needs of customers, a separate design of a variety of fryer machine and fully automatic frying machine.Contacts us if you want buy namkeen frying machine or have any problem ,leave message or email gz@gelgoog.com.cn Phone/whatsapp:+8618539931566.
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