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Automatic Peanut Coating Process

Release Date: Jan-10, 2018
The peanut coating machine with uniform rotation,the machine need materials mixed together.So that after mixing the product surface with a uniform coating, commonly used in food or pharmaceutical industries, such as some drugs and skin peanut and other products.
The peanut coating machine can be used for:automatic peanut coating process machine
(1). Coating the tablets and pills for pharmaceutical and food industry.
(2). For rolling and heating beans and edible nuts or seeds.
(3). Polishing chocalates of various shapes such as cylinders, oblatenesses to make their surfaces well lustrous and colored.
As for its feature, the peanut chocolate coating machine, whose pot is elevated, the heater such as the gas electrical heater can be placed direcetly under the pot. A separated blower with electrical heater is provided with the machine. The pipe of the blower stretches into the pot for heating or cooling purpose. The thermal capacity of the candy coating machine is adjustable.
Description of peanut coating machine:
The peanut coating machine is widely used in the coating, glazing and granulation of the pharmacy trade. It also can be used to ball object mould shape make in foodstuff and chemical industries.
Feature of peanut coating machine:
1.  This coating pot is made of stainless steel, meet the GMP standard.
2.  Transmission steady, performance reliable.
3.  Convenient to wash and maintain.
4.  High thermal efficiency.
5.  It can produce the technological requirement and regulate coating in one pot of angle.

The peanut coating machine working video:
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