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Nut Frying Production Line with Coal Heating Way

Release Date: Aug-01, 2017
Guangzhou Gelgoog Nuts frying production line have three heating way for your choice such as gas heating way ,electric heating way and coal heating way. About the nut frying line heating way, we can make according customers demands. The Nut frying production line with coal heating way have immersion tube heating method, heat transfer evenly, to solve the phenomenon of local peroxidation., so that the oil to keep the bright color, effectively improve the quality of the fry. Oil temperature can be controlled automatically according to physical.
The use of energy-saving environmentally friendly patent stove, burning enough to solve the problem of coal-fired smoke, compared with the same stove, can save more than 65% of coal. The equipment uses a unique combination of water and oil frying process, gas, steam can be used to reduce the production costs After the installation of equipment, the company designated operators to conduct free guidance training, so that it can grasp the operation of the equipment and general maintenance.

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