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Automatic Cellophane Overwrapping Machine in the Pharmaceutical Industry Applications

Release Date: Aug-02, 2017
When Pharmaceuticals do GMP certification, they also have to face how to standardize the production, cost savings, improve production capacity and other issues.In the packaging, The use of box type 3D Cellophane Overwrapping machine is obvious, in the enterprise cost savings, optimize production efficiency, improve product added value, etc. have an absolute advantage.
3d cellophane overwrapping machine priceFirst, the drug (carton) a variety of forms of packaging analysis:
1, medicine (carton) collection packaging Overview:
After the first packaging (such as bottled, bag, capsule version, etc.), from the purification area out, will enter the package shop to complete the box, finishing, collection package (in the packaging can be cartons, heat shrink, , Three-dimensional transparent film wrapped, etc.); on the collection of packaging, the current carton packaging, shrinking film packaging, transparent film three-dimensional packaging, banding and other forms.
2, drug (carton) collection of packaging comparison
2.1 carton packaging;
Carton for the collection of packaging is the traditional way of packaging, according to the collection of packaging specifications in the production of paper tray, the need for labeling on the carton and batch number.
Features: do not need to buy equipment, just provide a workplace and a simple workbench can be, its simple operation, ordinary workers can operate.
Disadvantages: (1) high cost of the carton; (2) the operator more, low efficiency, high management costs; (3) packaging quality is not standardized, (4) poor sealing performance is not conducive to long-term storage.
2.2 heat shrinkable film packaging:
Wrapped with shrinking film for the collection of packaging, pharmaceutical companies are more advanced before the packaging, after the mechanical palletizing with PVC shrink film sealed, into the shrinkage shrink packaging film.
Features: equipment prices in general, can be packaged with different shapes and specifications of the drug, high efficiency, can be automated production, equipment structure is relatively simple.
Disadvantages: (1) shrinking film packaging equipment and transparent film three-dimensional packaging compared to its larger size, covers an area of ​​relatively large; (2) the cost of packaging is relatively high, transparent film is about two times the three-dimensional packaging; 3) heat shrinkable film packaging appearance is not beautiful, PVC heat shrinkable film to be perforated exhaust, so poor moisture resistance; (4) to be packaged into the oven heating shrinkage, the drugs have a certain impact, especially biochemical drugs, (5) the production process of PVC film heat sealing and cutting, shrink the oven produced harmful gases.The work environment pollution and damage the physical and mental health of workers, but also produce a lot of heat on the workshop temperature Control of adverse effects; (6) can not meet the pharmacopoeia on the production and storage environment temperature has a strict limit of biochemical drugs, fat-soluble drugs and vaccine packaging.
2.3 banding:
  Bundle bundles as a collection of packaging, but also the rise of the pharmaceutical industry in recent years, one of the kinds of packaging, is the use of packer principle, the product bundled together.
Features: simple equipment, can be automated production.
Disadvantages: (1) strapping (poor transparency) affect the sweep (2) tied tightness is low, easy to lead to lack of box, and this is the drug is absolutely not allowed; (3) no seal, not conducive to transport Storage; (4) the requirements of the strap (supplies) high.
2.4 transparent film three-dimensional packaging
With the transparent film three-dimensional packaging in recent years, the new trend of drugs in the bag, which is the introduction of tobacco packets, the drug after the mechanical pallet into the plastic film, after feeding, cutting, folding, Angle, side seal, plastic, output and other actions to complete the packaging.
Features: (1) high production efficiency and automation, can achieve continuous automatic production, and front-end cartoning machine and back-end packing machine to achieve linkage production; (2) use BOPP or PVC film to do packaging materials, paper (3) due to less operator, greatly reducing the labor costs and the corresponding management costs; (4) with the use (5) with a transparent film three-dimensional packaging of the finished product moisture-proof performance, easy to transport and storage, can adapt to the Pharmacopoeia on the production, storage temperature is strict, the quality of the product is very high, Limited biochemical, vaccine and fat-soluble drug packaging; (6) equipment on the working environment without pollution, small footprint.
In summary, in the carton packaging, shrinking film packaging, transparent film three-dimensional packaging in three forms of packaging, transparent film three-dimensional packaging is an excellent choice. In recent years, with transparent film three-dimensional packaging products in the low cost and high grade characteristics favored by the majority of merchants.
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