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Automatic French Fries Production Line Manufacturer

Release Date: Aug-10, 2018
We are automatic french fries production line manufacturer in china.The whole french fries production line consist Fresh potato sorting → washing → peeling → cutting or slicing → bleaching → air drying → fry → pre-cooling → quick-frozen → packaging.autoamtic french fries production line
(1) fresh potato collection: choose the appearance of no rotten, no insect eyes, no deterioration, bud shallow eyes, sleek floor of potatoes, take away the green buds, epidermis dry shrink potatoes.
(2) cleaning and peeling: In an effort to make improvements to creation capacity and assure merchandise excellent, really should be used to clean the hair roller washing machine, peeled clear, do not boost the usage of uncooked resources.
(3) cut (slices): peeled potatoes just after the drinking water rinse, wash absent the area from the potato paste and residue, and afterwards utilize the conveyor belt into your slicer minimize into items or items, the product or service thickness ought to meet up with the quality needs The generally 1.5 ~ 2.Omm, potatoes commonly pick 3mm or so.
(4) bleaching and hot: the aim of rinsing will be to clean absent the floor from the starch, so as to not fry the product over the phenomenon of bonding or oil pollution. The purpose of blanching is to inactivate the enzymes while in the potato strips (tablets) to circumvent the production of enzymatic browning and have an affect on the standard of the item.
(5) Drying: The aim of drying is usually to eliminate the surplus wafter from the surface area of the potatoes, thus decreasing the loss and decomposition of the oil through the frying system though retaining the blended potatoes in a selected brittleness. Ought to take note of drying temperature and drying time, to make sure the standard of fries and h2o material.
(6)fried: dried potatoes via the hoist in to the ongoing snack foodstuff frying equipment for frying. Oil temperature need to be command at 338 ~ 356 f.
(7) quick-frozen: fried products following pre-cooling to the quick-freezing device quick-frozen, quick-freezing temperature command in -96.8f down below to make certain the middle temperature of potato products and solutions in 18min right down to -64.4f down below.
(8) Refrigeration: frozen potatoes following the concluded product must be swiftly bagged, boxed, after which you can stored while in the next -64.4 f freezer.

This is our french fries production line working video for you:

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