French Fries Production Line sold to Russia

Release Date: November-23,17
This is our french fries production line will be sold to Russia. The process step of french fries line:Potatoes——washing and peeling—inspecting—cutting—grading—blanching—conditioning—drying—frying—de-oiling—pre-cooling —frozen—packing —cold storage.For the frien fries line, if we put 1000 kilogra frest potato, then we will get about 300 kilogram french fries.

NOTE:Require for potato
Fresh potatoes, no decay ,no degeneration and plant diseases and insect pests, Smooth outside look without eye.
dry matter: ≥21%
starch content :≥15%
reducing sugar: ≤0.25%
weight of potato:150-500g

We provide you the suitable french fries line solution according customer detail demands such as the frying machine heating way,the capacity and others. Any problem welocme email or leave messga on our website freely.Your information is safe from us.

french fries production line to russia

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