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French Fries Production Line sold to Russia

Release Date: Nov-23, 2017
This is our french fries production line will be sold to Russia. The process step of french fries line:Potatoes——washing and peeling—inspecting—cutting—grading—blanching—conditioning—drying—frying—de-oiling—pre-cooling —frozen—packing —cold storage.For the frien fries line, if we put 1000 kilogra frest potato, then we will get about 300 kilogram french fries.

NOTE:Require for potato
Fresh potatoes, no decay ,no degeneration and plant diseases and insect pests, Smooth outside look without eye.
dry matter: ≥21%
starch content :≥15%
reducing sugar: ≤0.25%
weight of potato:150-500g

We provide you the suitable french fries line solution according customer detail demands such as the frying machine heating way,the capacity and others. Any problem welocme email gz@glgoog.com.cn or leave messga on our website freely.Your information is safe from us.

french fries production line to russia

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