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Guangzhou Gelgoog Provide French Fries Machine According Customer Demands

Release Date: Jul-25, 2017
We Guangzhou Gelgoog have a research and development team and experimental base, for the customer's special-shaped products for processing custom.The french fries production line according customers special demands.

Performance of economical french fries processing equipment:
1, Cleaning peeling machine: the use of gold sand lined with the cleaning peeling machine or brush-type cleaning peeling machine, which can be completed at the same time cleaning, peeled work. High efficiency, low loss.
2, Slice cutting machine: both sliced and cut. Slice thickness, cut the size can be adjusted.
3, Blanching machine: the cut potato chips (strips) for rinsing, color protection.
4, Dewater machine: centrifugal force dehydration. Dehydration before frying can greatly shorten the frying time and improve the taste of potato chips. Improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.
5, Oil and water mixed frying machine: This equipment is advanced frying equipment. Because of the different proportion of water and oil, the water in the bottom, the oil in the upper layer of hot fried potato chips, the residue directly precipitated in the water, the oil does not smoke, greatly extending the oil cycle, so that the cost of a substantial decline. Oil temperature control is accurate, thus ensuring the quality of potato chips and taste. After the work is done, the water is released and the residue will flow out with the water.
6, French fries deoiling machine: centrifugal deaerator, will just fried potato chips (articles) for oil, to overcome the potato chips (Article) high oil content, tired of the mouth of the defects. Improve the taste of potato chips (strips).
7, quick frozen
8, packaging

guangzhou gelgoog french fries productuion line
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