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Multi-functional Cellophane Packaging Machine with 3D

Release Date: Jul-11, 2017
This is Multi-functional Cellophane Packaging Machine with 3D that the integration of the latest European packaging automation technology. The maximum speed of up to 90 boxes / minute. Envelope folding end closure, hidden bottom transverse seal, mechanical pull film wrapped shape, beautifully packaged, can achieve the effect of cigarette body paste packaging. Variety of modular design, a wide range of package size, specifically for cosmetics, health care products, "more types, small quantities," the production characteristics and the need for rapid turnover, highlighting the speed, high precision, To achieve the greatest degree of durability.
The machine can be used in single-box packaging or additional equipment for the collection of packaging; because of its flexible and easy to use, has been the majority of customers at home and abroad to prove that the packaging industry in the rich reputation.

Multi-functional Transparent Film Packaging Machine with 3D
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