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Automatic Instant Noodle Production Line With Samll Scale

Release Date: Jul-14, 2017
Automatic small instant noodle production line is a new generation of products that  in the research on the basis of similar products at home and abroad. the end of China's mass consumer market demand, development, production of small-scale production characteristics.

Its technology is perfect, compact structure, novel design, stable and reliable performance. Production from the flour to the finished product automatically completed, a high degree of automation, simple operation, moderate production, energy conservation, small footprint, investment is only one-tenth of large equipment, with less investment, quick performance, particularly suitable for Small and individual businesses. The production line of corrugated instant noodles, rehydration of the time is short, with good flexibility, smoothness and transparency.

From the flour mixing machine to packing machine,we provide the whole processing line. And if you dont need packing machine, it is also ok. All the pipe we also can provide when we install the production line.

automatic small instant noodle production line
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