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The automatic spring roll production line can automatically make spring rolls. Just pour the mixed batter and stuffing into the bucket, and the batter will be baked evenly by the baking wheel, cooled, cut by induction, and specially designed with the device for turning over, filling and wrapping. The machine has a high degree of automation, automatic temperature control, and good sanitary conditions. The quality of the finished spring rolls produced by our spring roll production line is uniform, ensuring high-quality spring roll production. Help customers have better market feedback. Help customers capture market share.

Workflow Of Spring Roll/Spring Roll Skin Production Line :

Put the prepared batter into the pulp bucket, when the baking wheel is heated to 120℃; start the batter pump to send the batter to the leather-making mold (the shape can be customized according to customer requirements), and then pass through the leather-making mold to make the batter stick. It is attached to the arc surface of the roasting wheel, and when the roasting wheel rotates through an angle of 270-300 degrees, the batter is fully cooked, and then the spring roll skin is separated by a spatula to the wrapping conveyor belt. When the spring roll skin passes through the filling machine outlet, the filling machine will distribute the filling evenly on each spring roll skin, and then wrap the filling with the spring roll skin after the combined part, and finally the spring roll is formed by the roll wrapping part. . It should be noted that the number of grams of filling in our spring roll production line can be adjusted. Meet the different needs of customers. The last spring rolls fall directly on the cooling conveyor belt. At this time, the spring rolls can be manually sorted into packaging boxes and put into the cold storage, or can be directly fried in a fryer.

Value Advantages
On-demand Customization
Spring roll productions solutions can be equipped with frying equipment, freezing equipment, packaging equipment, etc, to meet the needs of different customers in product structure and performance.
Perfect Material
All spring roll production equipment in the production line system is made of stainless steel, which is clean and hygienic, and not easy to rust.
Technical Advantages
GELGOOG's spring roll processing solution adopts advanced design concepts and technical support, with a professional engineer design team.
Highly Cost-effective
GELGOOG spring roll production solutions are cost-effective from a technical and cost perspective. In this way, we continue to provide customers with better and more valuable solutions.
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