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The ice cream cone production lines with different output for customers to choose. This fully automatic production line can produce 1000-6000 pieces per hour. For the production of cones, we can help customers to produce cones of different shapes. Customers can send us the cone size they need, and we will provide a suitable cone production line according to your specific needs.
The produced cones are widely used in cake houses, bakeries, beverage shops, etc.

Automatic Cone Production Line Advantages And Characteristics:

1) Quantitative grouting at a constant speed, automatic opening, grabbing ice cream cones, and rolling finished products, and the thickness and size of the finished products are consistent.
2) Automatic production, the operation is simple and easy to use, only one worker is needed to operate the ice cream cone production line.. Reduce labor input.
3) The operation panel can choose easy-to-control button operation or modern PLC controller for setting, adjustment and control.
4) The slurry is automatically extracted and transported to the baking tray for baking, and the size of the slurry can be adjusted according to the size of different egg cones.
5) The cone making machine is equipped with air leakage detection and alarm system to better improve the production safety guarantee factor.

Value Advantages
Energy Saving
The ice cream cone production solutions use gas power sources, and adopts a variety of energy-saving measures to minimize energy consumption in the production process
High automation
High degree of automation, accurate quantification, uniform product size, taste, and technical parameters.
Excellent product
After years of technical accumulation and many improvements, the cone machine is suitable for varity type cone production to ensure that the final cones with good taste and more uniform surface color.
Wide application
Product diversification, the ice cream cone production line can customized to produce widely shapes of sugar cones to meet market people demand.
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