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Banana chips production machine is used to make plantain chips or banana chips. The full automatic banana chips making machine solution covers banana slicing, frying, deoiling, seasoning, packaging and other full-process automation processes.

The whole set of banana chips processing machine is made of stainless steel with exquisite workmanship and continuous operation.Banana chips produced by banana chips can keep the original flavor, original color, crispiness and other characteristics to the greatest extent, and improve product quality and added value.We can cut bananas into different shapes to get different slices, such as round slices, long slices, or diagonal slices.

Value Advantages
Energy Saving
The equipment has low noise and no pollution, and is suitable for clean space production; and the whole line consumes less energy, and the equipment can be adjusted according to the customer's existing energy.
High Automation
The entire production line is automated, saving labor and enabling one person to supervise the operation of the entire line
Technology Skilled
With many years of banana chip processing experience, the equipment structure is perfect, and the process knowledge is deep; can make adjustments for different customers to meet customer needs
High Quality Chips Product
The finished product is golden and bright in color, crispy and delicious, and has been unanimously recognized by customers
Finished Product Display
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