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Automatic Chocolate Making Process Machine

  • Moq: 1 Set/Sets
  • Material: Food Need To Be Fried
  • Loading Port: Qingdao
  • Description: The automatic chocolate making machine adopts the latest technology, which improves greatly the working efficiency and products quality.
Introduction of Automatic Chocolate Making Machine:
The automatic chocolate making machine adopts the latest technology, which improves greatly the working efficiency and products quality. The automatic chocolate making machine mainly contains chocolate fat melting machine, sugar grinding machine, chocolate ball milling machine, chocolate storage tank, chocolate temperate machine, chocolate moulding machine and chocolate cooling tunnel.
Automatic Chocolate Making Process Machine
Chocolate Making Business:

For now, the chocolate market has a very good prospect and has become a fast-growing industry in the food industry. The aggregate income of the global chocolate industry to date is 50 billion US dollars, and it is still growing. The chocolate market is large and growing. What does that mean for you? Maybe you can start a thriving chocolate making business with a chocolate factory investment. However, competition is fierce, and if you wish to enter this fast-growing industry, you need a plan. As ,we look at the five steps to turn your hobby into a profitable business.
1. Understand the local market
If you are interested in starting a chocolate making business, you may start selling to the local market. You may be surprised at how many competitors you already have. So, before you invest too much money, you can investigate and talk to local chocolate stores to determine their inventory and items on the shelves. Visit your local chocolate shop and conduct your own scouting - it's always worth knowing the value of your competitors!
2. Decide on your story
There are stories behind many successful specialty food, and stories make people feel good about buying products. This is why they stand out from the competition.
But this story does not necessarily reflect exotic. Maybe your child helped create a recipe, or you have revived a recipe used by generations in your family. Whatever it is, it’s important that consumers see more than just chocolate – it has to talk to their minds. After perfecting your story, make an unforgettable name that represents your chocolate, and your story.
3. Make it legal
As with any business, you need to obtain a business license and a seller's license to legalize it. You may have to be a certified food safety specialist, which means taking a course that guides you on how to safely prepare and store food. Your facility must also pass a health check on a regular basis - just like a restaurant.
4. Considerable funds and machinery
The beauty of the chocolate business is that you can start small and then expand as your business grows. This way you can minimize costs at the beginning. Your start-up costs depend on whether you start with your own kitchen or a large-scale start-up through a factory and delivery truck.
However, no matter how you start, you need to buy at least a set of chocolate making machine.
5.Protect your secrets
If your chocolate has a unique look or a unique recipe, you must register it with a trademark. You need to talk to a trademark attorney to get started.
Chocolate Making Process:
The process of making chocolate is a simple and complicated process.
1. Cocoa butter melting
The first step is to melt cocoa butter in the chocolate melting machine.
2. Sugar grinding
You should use the sugar grinding machine to grind the sugar into the finely powdered sugar.
3. Coaching and refining
After melting cocoa butter and grinding sugar, you should use the chocolate conching machine to mix and refine the chocolate paste.
4. Storage and heating
After conching and refining the chocolate paste, the chocolate storage tank can store and heat the chocolate paste.
5. Tempering
The chocolate paste should be tempered by chocolate tempering machine in order to make it become fine and lubricated
6. Moulding and cooling.
Finally, chocolate paste should be mould by chocolate moulding machine and then cooled by chocolate cooling tunnel.
If you want to run a business about chocolate, you can communicate with us, we will help you a lot! Or if you need chocolate making machine, you also can contact us, we will provide you with the best quality chocolate making machine. Leave meaage on website or email gz@gelgoog.com.cn whatsapp:+8618539931566
Technical Data
Chocolate Melting Machine
Model TRYG240
Material Stainless Steel
Capacity 240L
Pump power 0.2KW
Electric heating power 6KW
Net weight 180kg
Dimension 1600×800×900mm
Sugar Grinding Machine
Model TFTJ250
Capacity 250kg/h
Total Power 9KW
Dimension 1100×750×1800mm
Net weight 420kg
Feeding Granularity Size 0.5-2mm
Average Grain 150-180µm
Rotation Rate 3800r/min
Chocolate Conche Machine
Model TJMJ500
Capacity 500L
Main motor power 11KW
Regulating motor power 1.5KW
Electric heating power 6KW
Dimension 2000×1860×1250mm
Net weight 2800kg
Fine Grinding Granularity 20-25µm
Chocolate Storage Tank
Model TBWG500
Material Stainless Steel
Capacity 500L
Main motor power 1.5KW
Electric heating power 4KW
Dimension Φ1000×1380mm
Net weight 600kg
Chocolate Moulding Machine
Model TQJJ150
Capacity 100-200kg/h
Power 7.47KW
Quantity of mould 275×175×30mm
Net weight 500kg
Dimension 4300×520×1500mm
Chocolate Cooling Tunnel
Model TLSD400
Material Stainless Steel
Temperature of cooling tunnel 5-10℃
Main motor 1.5KW
Net weight 2500kg
Dimension 5400×1230×1930mm
Cooling compressor 5HP

* The above data is for reference only, specific specifications are subject to the contract proposal.

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