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Cashew Nut Shelling Process Plant With Best Price The cashew nut  shelling processing plant consist cashew grading machine,cooking machine,cracking and shelling machine,separating machine,peeling machine,roasting machine.We can provide suitable cashew nut processing plant accoridng your detail demands.
1: Cashew Grading Machine
Cashew graders can grade raw cashews according to size and size.Cashew classifier usually three to four levels.

2.Cashew Nut Cooking

The raw cashew nut shell in the shell softens under pressure to soften the shell.The shell of the cashew shell is very hard and contains harmful oils.Cooked cashews are easy to crack and peel.Steam cooking helps to bombard cashews with minimal effort.

3.Cashew cracking and shelling machine
Cooked cashews crumble on the cashew shell.Rolling bearings are used to adjust the distance between different sizes of cashew nuts.The capacity of the cashew nut shell machine can reach 170 kg/h, and on the 300 kg/h cashew shell, we are equipped with 2 shelling machines.

4 .Cashew shell & Kernel Separating
The cashew nut separator tank is a cashew nut shell used to separate the cashew nut shell from the cashew nut shell.After the cashew nutshell sheller, the cashew nut shells and nucleolus are separated from the cashew nuts and the cashew nuts are reinstalled.

5.Cashew peeling machine
The red skin of each cashew kernel is made of deep processing products using a cashew sheller.The automatic shelling machine works with an air compressor. The internal parts of the shelling machine are made of high quality stainless steel.

6.Cashew nuts roasting machine(optional)
Roasted cashews look and taste good.Cashew baking machine is fully automatic and efficient.During baking, the cashews are evenly heated at high temperatures and do not stick to the inner wall.
Technical Data


Technician parameter


Grading Machine



Size:3.6*0.9*1.6m  weight:700kg


Cooking Machine

Capacity :200kg/h


Size:1.5*0.6*1.55m weight: 150kg


Shelling Machine

(Automatic model-2)


Shell Ratio:95% Rate of Perfect Kernel:90 %  

Power: 1.1kw  Voltage:200v--380v 50Hz          Weight:350 kg



Cashew-Kernel Separating Machine

Size:1.9*0.8*1.4M    Power:1.1 kw

Voltage:380v       Rate:50hz

Capacity:500kg      Weight:140kg

Cashew Peeling Machine

②Big Peeling Machine      
Capacity:100--150kg    Weight:70kg   Size:0.64*0.6*1.3m

Roasting Machine(Drum-Type)



Temperature:constant temperature-300degre

Automatic Constant Temperature


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