Commercial Buckwheat Shelling Machine Buckwheat Sheller Huller

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Commercial Buckwheat Shelling Machine Buckwheat Sheller Huller Buckwheat is used for Fagopyrum grading, peeling, shelling and sorting. Buckwheat shelling machine mainly comprises a hopper, hoist, shelling machine and electric control cabinet. Buckwheat machine has the characteristics of high automation, high wheat rate and low crushing rate. Buckwheat h machine is easy to operate and easy to operate.
1, due to the adjustable blade design, the ideal desquamation effect can be achieved. The gap of the emery roll can be adjusted according to the different materials.
2. screen mesh adopts high quality cold rolling plate, durable. Prevent the mesh plug caused by the design of the bouncing ball.
3, the shelling separator adopts the vibration negative pressure separator and the spiral discharge machine, which makes the feeding process easier and greatly reduces the ash accumulation in the process.
4. the vibration source of the equipment is designed by the vibration motor. This kind of shelling equipment is easy to install.

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Technical Data
Machine Quantity
Input Hopper 2
Elevator 2
Dehuller 2
Sorting sieve section 4
control cabinet 1
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