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Our noodle making machine with best price and different capacity for your choice. Also can be customer-made.
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7-stages Noodle Making Machine For Sale Supplier Guangzhou We are noodle making machine supplier in Guangzhou,China, provide all the customer with automatic noodle making machine, and noodle making machine for sale now. For noodle making machine,we have different type for you, such as 7 -stages noodle making machine and 9 stages noodle maker. You can tell the detail demands then can recommend you suitable solution.
 automatic noodle making machine for sale supplier guangzhou
The different of 7-stages noodle making machine from 9 stages noodle making machine:
The 9 rolls just 2 rolls more than 7 rolls. The 7 rollers is too small. The more rollers, final pressure will more bigger, after the dough was Calende over and over, dough powder will more vigorous
Noodle making machine supplier Guangzhou:
This noodle making machine is made  with our most advanced infrastructure and sophisticated technology and made of high quality materials. It is our duty to manufacture and supply high quality noodle making machines.
Noodle maker is suitable for many fields, such as rice, wheat and other kinds of noodles. We can provide noodle making machines for different specifications according to customers' requirements. There are different roll type noodle packing machine such as 5 roll,6 roll,7-stage,8 roll  and 9 rolls noodle making machine. There is also have instant noodle production line for large output.
Noodle making machine for sale introduction
Our noodle maker machine can make noodles with different shapes by changing moulds. It is made of stainless steel and galvanized iron to ensure trouble free service. The noodle making machine is designed according to the structural characteristics of fresh noodles. The mixture of vacuum flour can improve the quality of dough. The curing system is designed as the "first in first out" principle. The roller with corrugation improves the structure of gluten net and makes noodles more delicious. It is suitable for fresh and fine dry noodle manufacturers.The noodle making machine also can be used for restaurant, school, and hotel ect.
For the different customers, you can choose the different noodle maker machine. Contact us freely. gz@gelgoog.com.cn

Technical Data
Model 7-260 Model Noodle Machine 7-300 Model Noodle Machine 7-350 Model Noodle Machine
Noodle size 260mm 300mm 350mm
Roll size 140*260mm 140*300mm 140*350mm
Capacity 260 kg/h 300 kg/h 350 kg/h
Powder 4kw 4kw 4kw
Weight 900kg 1000kg 1200kg
Size 3200*680*1370mm 3200*680*1370mm 3200*780*1370mm
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