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Automatic Non-fried Instant Noodle Plant Manufacturer Factory

  • Moq: 1 Set/Sets
  • Material: Food Need To Be Fried
  • Loading Port: Qingdao Port
  • Description: We as a Non-fried Instant Noodle Plant Manufacturer in china,No matter the small scale noodle machine or commercial noodle plant, all can provide you suitable machine solution for you according customer detail demands.
We as a Non-fried Instant Noodle Plant Manufacturer in china,No matter the small scale noodle machine or commerical noodle plant, all can provide you suitable machine sloution for you according customer detail demands. Welcome to our company, we will take you around our production department, and check the machines.

Automatic instant noodle processing line, with perfect technology, compact structure, original design and stable performance, is developed on the base of like products and requirement in the world market. It realizes high automation, convenient operation, low energy and small floor space, that assures all working procedures from feeding flour to finished products can be accomplished once.

The investment for this line is only one tenth of that larger size equipment, especially suitable to small-size or self-owned enterprises. The corrugated instant noodle produced by this line is tenacious, smooth and transparent. It is very easy to be saturated by water.

Introduction of non fried instant noodle factory:
1.The entire production line reduces the manual operation from the supply of flour to the automatic control of the final product.
Operators only need to observe, monitor and adjust the equipment, saving a lot of manpower and reducing the cost of products.
2.Noodles are not needed manually, and each kind of sauce is weighed, because after extrusion, the noodles will be kept neat and the weight of each fine noodle is stable because the whole process is controlled and adjusted in advance.
3.The aging tunnel adopts a multilayer circular belt.
In order to improve the aging effect, shorten the time and save energy, the heater and humidifier were installed in the aging tunnel.
4.In order to ensure the high quality of products and achieve standardized production, the production line is controlled by frequency conversion speed control, and the technical parameters of temperature, speed and pressure of each unit can be adjusted.5. not only can wet rice flour be used, but also dry powder can be used for the final product.

The characteristics of the noodle production line:
1.Production of various specifications of the tile.
The weight of the surface block is from
30 grams to 100 grams, its production is flexible.
2.The part of touch food is made of 304 SUS, which ensures the safety of noodles and is easy to clean.
3.PLC control, high degree of automation, simple operation,
4.The dough processing and multi roll processing make the dough elastic and tasty.
5.The steaming and frying machine lid can be operated manually or automatically, or it is easy to operate automatically.
6.The frying machine equipped with heat exchanger can stabilize the production quality and improve the processing quality.
Technical Data
Non-fried Instant Noodle Plant
No. Machine Name Model Quantity Note
1 Brine quantifier and mixer GG10 1 SET Power:0.75KW,Volume:100L/SET
The parts connect with water are made of stainless steel
2 Double speed dough mixer GG200 1 SET Power 9/11 kw,200kg/pot/manual door opening
The parts connect with flour are made of stainless steel
3 Disc cooker machine GG200 1 SET  Power:4kw,size of pan:Diameter1800mm*410mm
The parts connect with flour are made of stainless steel
(Make sure the flour after mixing can be absorbed and mixed well)
4 Composite and continuous dough pressing machine GG7-50 1 SET Dough width 350mm,power 5.5kw+5.5kw=11kw
7 sets steel roller,frame is made of steel structure(frequency control)
Diameter of roller:diameter 180*2,diameter 240*2,diameter180*2,diameter 162
5 Single layer GG50 1 SET 16 meter,water sealing
Main motor power 1.5kw(frequency control),Pan 0.37kw*2,stainless steel
6 Cutting,folding and conveying machine GG80 1 SET Main power 1.5kw+0.75kw,cutting blade 50 times/min,adjustable
7 Double layers drying machine GG50 1 SET Main motor power 1.5kw*2(frequency control+fan 5.5kw*4,net width:2 meters,total length:30m),stainless steel net
8 Horizontal conveyor GG63 1 SET Main motor power 0.37kw
9 Cooling conveyor GG63 1 SET One horizental:0.55kw,fan 0.37kw*4 ,length:6 meters.width:0.50 meter ,Belt is made of stainless steel
10 Electricity control cabinet GG-1 1 SET Main program adopts frequency control ,PLC program control
  Total     Total Power ~55kw

* The above data is for reference only, specific specifications are subject to the contract proposal.

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