Wonton Wrapper Spring Roll Skin Making And Frying Machine

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Making Wonton Wrapper and spring roll, and frying and flavoring them.
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Wonton Wrapper Spring Roll Skin Making And Frying Machine
Our fried spring roll production line contains spring roll skin making machine(Also called Wonton Wrapper) and spring roll skin frying machine. The width and thickness of spring roll skin can be customized according to customer requirements. Fully automatic, saving labor costs and improving work efficiency. Provide comprehensive solutions.
Wonton Wrapper Spring Roll Skin Making And Frying Machine
1. Flour pump (gear pump): used to transport flour: The flour in the flour bucket is continuously conveyed to the nozzle, and the feed speed can be adjusted.
2, Spray nozzle: used to supply dough: the dough discharged from the gear pump to the surface of the baking wheel. 
3. Spring roll roasting device: used to bake spring roll skin: The baking temperature is generally 150 ℃ -180 ℃. You can set the temperature by yourself according to the thickness of the dough sheet.
4. Cooling conveyor: The spring roll skin is air-cooled by a mesh conveyor to the cutting machine.
5. Cutting knife: After the spring roll skin is transferred from the conveyor to the cutting machine. The Wonton Wrapper cutting length can be adjusted by itself.
6. Wonton Wrapper Fryer Machine: Fried spring roll skin after cutting. Both the temperature of the fryer and the speed of the conveyor can be adjusted. There are two heating methods for customers: gas heating and electric heating.
7:Falvoring Machine: Flavoring fried Wonton Wrapper and Spring Roll Skin, if  you need it, we also can provide you chips flavoring machine machine

Leave message with your detail requirement, then provide you suitable sping roll machine solution. 
Technical Data
ModelG GG-SR400-6X
Dia. of heating Cylinder 600mm
Max size of the sheet 400mm (can custom)
Making speed 230m/hour (can adjustable)
Input power 24KW
Heating method Electric
Machine size 5000*1300*1500mm
Composition making machine, cooling conveyor, cutting machine, alignment conveyor

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