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Automatic Fruit Vegetable Chips Blanching Machine
Automatic Vegetable Cooking Blanching Machine Introduction:
Automatic fruit vgeteable blanching machine are both the equipment to cook and blanch food by steam to soften food, destroy enzyme, remove a strong strange taste and etc.
Applications of Automatic Cooking Machine and Blanching Machine
 blancher machine can be used for pre-cooking and sterilizing, indispensable equipment before quick-freezing and dehydration in pre-treatment line. Therefore these two machines are widely utilized for vegetable fixing, prophase processing of potato chips potato chips color care, pretreatment of peeling chicken feet and other cooked food.
Main Working Steps of Food Cooker Machine/Blancher Machine:
Inject water to the equipment till it fills 50% of the total volume. Turn on the power switch, and put the food into the charging basket after the water is heated to the desired temperature. Then our whole blanching process begins.
Functions of Food Cooker Machine/Blancher Machin
●During the cooking or blanching, the enzyme in food will be destroyed and microbial loads will be reduced. Thus, food safety will greatly be improved.
●For some ready-to-eat meat and poultry, they will be pre-cooked in cooking or blanching.
●For nuts, cooking or blanching can facilitate peeling or kill microbes.
●Depending on the food requirement for temperature, you can choose the cooking machine for higher temperature or blanching machine for lower temperature.
Technical Data
Model Size(MM) Weight(KG) Belt size(MM)
GGPLQ/D3500 3700*1400*2300 750 800
GGPLQ/D4000 4200*1400*2300 950 800
GGPLQ/D5000 5200*1400*2300 1100 800
GGPLQ/D6000 6200*1400*2300 1300 800
GGPLQ/D7000 7200*1400*2300 1500 800

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