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Russia Customer Visit For Ice Cream Cone Production Line

Release Date: Dec-29, 2017
This is our russia customer visit  our factory for ice cream cone production line.The russia customer want start ice crea cone business and already set they factory. Accodrding customers capacity demands,our professional salesman recomment the full automatic waffle ice cream cone production line. After confirm our factory, russia customers are satisfied with us no matter the company and our offer.

Our the full autoamtic crisp ice cream cone processing line can process 3000 - 35000 pcs per hour .The ice cream cone made by the cone line surface looks very attractive, is ideal equipment for ice cream or other similar food containers and cake tray products.First, distributing the batter on the baking tray to prepare the formed wafer, then roll it up and maintain its shape is the main equipment of the production line. The excellent performance has satisfied the international standard.

automatic ice cream cone production line russia customers
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