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Automatic Wafer Cone Machine Supplier

Release Date: Oct-17, 2017
As a wafer cone machine supplier in guangzhou china,we provide you the professional wafer cone machine and machine customer service. Our the automatic wafer cone machine can make 1000 to 2500 cones with one hour and 40 cones at one time. The heating way is electric heating. The wafer cone baking time is about the 1 to 2 minutes.

How to operate our wafer cone making machine ?
1. Place the machine flat on the horizontal surface and not tilt.
2. Connect the power, set the upper and lower mold temperature, and then wait for the temperature to rise.
3. After the temperature rises, it will be pulled up and closed.
4. Pour into the paddles, then close the top and bottom, then the cone can be formed after about one to two minutes.
Pull up the top and pull it off. The cone will automatically fall into the lower passage and slip out.
6. Repeat the above process and finally clean up and down the mold, keep clean, then unplug the power.

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