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Guangzhou GELGOOG Transparent Film 3D Packaging Machine

Release Date: Aug-04, 2017
From the clean area out of the drug into the boxing process, as long as the box shape was rectangular or cube can enter the automatic transparent film three-dimensional packaging machine in the package. Automatic transparent film three-dimensional packaging machine will be required according to the specifications of the process of automatic palletizing, and for the material into the BOPP film or PVC film in the film, folding, end seal, angle, side seal, shaping and output action completed Three-dimensional transparent film (paper) in the package of finished products, including plastic film for the automatic completion of the cycle for feeding, film, film and other movements.
Guangzhou GELGOOG Industry & Technology Co., Ltd produced by the automatic transparent film 3D packaging machine through a simple mechanical transmission and electrical control to complete the package action, which is set machine, electricity, gas linkage products, its equipment features:
(1) adjustable packaging speed, adjustable packaging size, adjustable heat sealing temperature;
(2) using stepless speed regulation, man-machine interface, PLC control, fault diagnosis tips;
(3) the use of imported servo motor automatic film, under the film smooth and accurate;
(4 compact structure, easy operation and maintenance.
(5) fuselage shell made of 304 high quality stainless steel, in line with GMP requirements.
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