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Semi Automatic Cellophane Wrapping Machine For Tea Boxs

Release Date: Nov-10, 2017
The semi-automatic cellophane wrapping machine can pack tea boxs,CD,DVD,cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and others.The cellophane wrapping machine is widely used in the transparent film three-dimensional automatic super-packaging of a variety of single or multiple (assembly) items. It uses PLC man-machine interface control: all movements are driven by the cylinder, the servo motor control film feeding, and according to any degree to adjust the film feeding specifications. The main frame consists of a full stainless steel frame, plexiglass curtain wall and machine, all of which are made of stainless steel and meet hygienic standards. This machine, through the replacement of several parts, can pack different box products (ie different specifications). It is ideal for packaging a variety of standards and standard boxes.

If you need high cellophane wrapping speed,we also can provide you the automatic cellophane over wrapping machine for your chocie. If you need the cellophane wrapping machine, you can tell us the box you need to pack with the box size. Then we can sent you cellophane over wrapping machine quotation to your email as soon as possible.

semi automatic cellophane wrapping machine for tea boxs
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