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Automatic Cone Ice Cream Machine Manufacturer Pakistan

Release Date: Jul-02, 2018
Gelgoog company as the Cone ice cream  machine manufacturer,provide customer professional ice cream cone machine with best price. For pakistan, we have sold to many machines. Pakistan customer also with us good friedshipment.  This is usually thing that one pakistan customer keep purchase our machine after use our machines. I think repurchase. Not only high quality cone ice cream machine but also ice cream cone machine professional service. 

First, we need to mix ingredients such as sugar and flour, and then we need to hit them, to fill in the baking tray.We have an ice cream cone with a filling hole and two holes.After filling the flour, the baking tray will be closed.After about 2 minutes, the ice cream cone will satisfy the rolling system.The automatic and high speed roll ice cream of ice cream of ice cream of ice cream will be on the conveyor belt.There will be people collecting and packing.

No matter you are in Pakistan or USA,or Columbia or other any countries. We both can ship machine to your countries.For the more coen ice cream machine detail, you can have free contact with us. Email: wendy@machinehall.com.

automatic ice cream cone making machine manufacturer
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