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Rolled Sugar Cone Baking Machine with 12 Baker

Release Date: Dec-23, 2017
Our the type Rolled Sugar Cone Baking Machine have 12 bakers and the sugar cone making machine can automatically opens after the sugar cone is baked done. One person is operated, and it is convenient and practical.

1. The use of high quality electrical components, thermostat temperature control, temperature control.Rolled sugar cone are beautiful, the entrance is crisp and the production is simple.
3. with egg roll formula, taste good, ensure crisp crisp. It is deeply loved by the people for its entrance, flavor, taste, crisp and rich nutrition. It is suitable for market, supermarket, market and other business places.
4.,The electric egg roll machine is thicker plate up and down. It overcomes the weakness of the old egg roll machine which is not high temperature and easy to damage. The imported heating tube device maximizes the durability, the layout of the internal heating tube is reasonable, the egg rolls are heated evenly, and the color is bright. Good safety performance, high temperature resistance, can guarantee continuous production of products, high efficiency, is the best ideal equipment for making high quality egg rolls at present in the domestic market. The crisp egg roll machine is a new handmade egg crisp machine on the market.
5. Its main function is the quantitative automatic feeding, the production speed is fast, the volume is small, and the operation is very simple. The machine has no noise when it is used, one is convenient to clean, beautiful, practical and hygienic. The manual egg roll machine automatically injected the raw material into the template, which automatically quantified and automatically closed the mold. The injection of raw materials can be adjusted flexibly according to the requirements of the product. The quantity of injection is stable and the thickness of the egg cake is uniform. Manual egg roll machine automatic temperature control, automatic feeding, single mode plate temperature control, simple operation, suitable for large and medium and small food factory.

rolled sugar cone baking machine with best price
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