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How to Process Fried Snack Food ?

Release Date: Jul-19, 2017
the fried snack food are popularity over the world ? but do you know how to process fried snack food ? usually, the frying machine,fried food deoiling machine,flavoring machine are needed.

Automatic frying machine made of high quality 304 stainless steel material, divided into coal, gas, electric heating three heating methods, with temperature control, feeding, discharge automation, color uniformity, no pollution and so on. It is ideal for alcoholic peanuts, spicy peanuts, peanuts, broad beans, fries, cashew nuts, walnuts and other fried foods.
Autoamtic fried food deoiling machine multifunctional. Automatic degreasing machine for fried peanuts and other granular food de-oil treatment, the products are widely used in the food industry's automatic production line. De-oil clean, high production efficiency, high degree of automation.
The basic working principle of the automatic deaerator is to use the centrifugal force produced by the high-speed rotation of the deaerator to release the oil attached to the surface of the peanuts. The oil coming out of the tank flows through the tubing on the rack to the collection tank outside the body. After peeling of peanuts through the cylinder to control the lifting of the valve in the hopper, from the falling mouth through the slide into the cooling conveyor (or hopper), and then proceed to the next step.
Fried snack food flavorning machine has a tilt-type dressing roller, fully control the speed and material capacity, suitable for continuous pipeline seasoning operations. Equipped with a fixed amount of screw feeding device, and in the dust at the same time independent mixing, so that the seasoning will not occur due to the proportion of different halogen, and the formation of the deposition, bonding, canopy.

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