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Automatic Pillow Type Packing Machine For Mask

Release Date: Nov-15, 2017
The Pillow type packing machine for mask  is a packaging capacity is very strong, and can be used for a variety of specifications for food and non-food packaging, continuous packaging machine. It can be used not only for packaging of non-trademarked packaging materials but also for high-speed packaging using web materials preprinted with a logo.

This section of equipment for multi-function pillow packing machine, automatic high-speed pillow packing machine, take away the film pillow packing machine, can be customized according to the requirements of the machine, the scene to see the goods inspection, test installation and testing, and code machines, straight Wenzhong turbine, textured end sealing film, large touch screen supporting the use of such.

pillow type mask packing machine with high quality
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