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Pillow Type Packing Machine For Sale

Release Date: Jan-30, 2018
Our snack food pillow type packing machine suitable for bread, instant noodle, moon cake, candy, medicine, daily necessities, hardware, carton or tray.structure is compact, the function is stable, and the operation is simple. Double inverter controller, packaging length once set can be cut, adjustment is not, save time and provincial film. We use imported electrical appliances, touch man-machine interface, easy to set parameters. High sensor photoelectric color tracking, make the cutting position more accurately.Adaptive temperature PID control, suitable for all kinds of packaging materials. Position stop function, no adhesion, no waste film.A clean rotating system, more reliable operation and more convenient maintenance.All controls are operated by software, convenient function adjustment and technical upgrading.

The pillow packing machine is a kind of continuous packing machine which is very capable of packing and is suitable for various specifications for food and non food packaging. It can not only be used in the packaging of non trademark packaging materials, but also can be used for high speed packaging with a drum material with a pre printed logo.
This device is a multifunctional pillow type packing machine, automatic high speed pillow packing machine, walking on the film pillow packaging machine, can be customized according to the requirements of the machine, the goods at the scene inspection, installation commissioning and testing, can coder, turbine straight lines, terminal sealing film, with a large touch screen use.

automatic pillow type packing machine for sale

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