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Automatic Perfume Box Packing Machine to Malaysia

Release Date: Dec-08, 2017
This is our cellophane wrapping machine to malaysia.The malaysia customer want pack cellophane wrapping perfume box with our cellophane packing machine. Perfume box packaging machine, also known as cellophane packaging machine, widely used in various types of packaging industry. Medicines, foods, health products, cosmetics, commodities, stationery and office supplies such as poker and cigarettes.

PLC control and touch screen operation, simple and easy. Adopt frequency converter to control the speed, so it can be adjusted according to the operation needs. The cellophane wrapping machine can be connected to make the entire production line, which greatly reduces labor costs. The mold prices is low, easy mold replacement.What is more,replacement quick and easy.The box packed with the cellophane wrapping machine is beautiful with high quality package.
perfume packing machine malaysia
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